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New WP Plugin Makes Finding Targeted Leads Like Shooting Fish In a Barrel!

Can you imagine having access to a list of RED HOT targeted leads, in absolutely any niche you choose in less than 60 seconds?

Don’t Believe It Could Be TRUE??


The just released WP-Lead Locator is a brand new wordpress plugin that can give you instant access to 100’s if not 1,000’s of potential customers

that are interested in what you have to offer them in record time.

It has never been easier to produce leads like this before…

WP-Lead Locator is the LAZY MAN’s way to get targeted leads in seconds…

Giving you an advantage unlike anything you have ever had before..

With this revolutionary new plugin you can instantly access huge lists of targeted leads directly from Facebook… And (YES, it is 100% Legal( as it

utilizes the official Facebook API for it’s ultra valuable data!


Using this powerful tool only takes 3 SIMPLE STEPS:

  1. Simply enter any keyword you want indicating your desired niche and the area or location you want to target…
  2. Choose how many leads you want to display for the indicated search…
  3. Click ONE button & THAT’S IT!

Just like Magic… Out comes a red hot list of targeted leads delivered directly to you on a (Silver Platter)

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The best part is…

You’ll never have to manually search for potential customers or clients ever again.

Once you nstall this easy to use WP plugin, it is like having a tireless assistant ready todo the heavy lifing 24×7, 365 days a year.

Never before has there been a software that can bring instant results like WP-Lead Locator.

The earlybird discount is IN EFFECT and acting now guarantees you get in at the lowest price possible.

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Who would have thought it… Unlimited leads in just minutes!

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PS. WP-Lead Locator is so easy a 10 year old can use it… But this is NOT A TOY… This is a powerful tool that can change your business forever!

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[GET] WP-Lead Locator Review – Download